Harry Kane’s New Contract Re-affirms Tottenham’s Positive Trajectory

Harry Kane’s new contract is a timely reminder that Spurs will not be moved.

It had been rumoured that Spurs’ main man was demanding more money for his dependable input into the club, but the club have acted swiftly and done whatever it has taken to ensure that Kane will remain a focal part of the club’s future. His unwavering commitment suggests it is still all good within the Tottenham camp.

2016 has been a period of steady and consistent positives. Spurs were fighting it out for the league title last season, unbeaten at the beginning of this, and were announcing new contracts every other day. It was only February that Kane bolstered his current deal for one that saw him reap financial rewards for his sterling performances, but this one in December symbolises something slightly different.

Back then, it was a no brainer to sign a new contract with Spurs. You’ve almost guaranteed yourself a chance to play in the Champions League, you’ve most definitely done enough to grant yourself membership to the Pochettino Trustee group and confidence is tangible. Now, all is slightly different. To put it this adversity into context, Spurs have lost just 1 game in Premier League, 1 game in the League Cup and were knocked out of the Champions League at the group stages. None are tragedies, especially when you consider what Spurs fans have endured as recently as 8 years ago.


So the fans shouldn’t really grumble, but footballers have short careers. Would you really berate Kane for seeking pastures new if it guaranteed him Champions League? Absolutely not. If anything, it’s the next natural progression in his development. It’s more of a necessity than a want. So for Kane to sign a new contract is a signal of his trust in Pochettino, his belief in his teammates to overcome this semi rut, to get back into the Champions League and recharge.

That for me is the reason you cannot underestimate the belief held by this Spurs side. There may have been some mistakes. Sissoko is one, Pochettino’s approach to the Champions League is another maybe, but most significantly the players are still on side. The England striker’s deal sends out a vivid message to his teammates: If the club’s best player is happy to carry on, why shouldn’t you? Of course it doesn’t work like that, but such a move will send shockwaves of positivity through the club. Training may well be a little more spirited tomorrow.

There have been times this season when questions have been raised against certain players. Hugo Lloris has dug Tottenham out of numerous holes to very little reward, Christian Eriksen’s has displayed very little hunger to be playing, Jan Vertonghen was ‘rested’ for the away decided to Monaco. Why would Lloris want to stay when he, as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, could easily become a title winner elsewhere? Do Eriksen’s lack of sound performances speak undesired volumes of his commitment to the club? How frustrated would Jan Vertonghen, who has been at the club striving for Champions League football, be at the idea of being preserved for an apparently more important Premier League match that weekend?

I suspect Harry Kane’s signing will provide clarity for them. Spurs, despite being in a rut of very mild forms, are still there for the long haul and Kane is embodying that.


For uMAXit Football, fresh after Harry Kane signed a new contract with Spurs on 1/12/2016. Available on: https://www.umaxit.com/index.php/articles/harry-kanes-new-contract-re-affirms-tottenhams-positive-trajectory


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